Our Service

“Make Google Love YOU” Campaign

What we offer?

1. To make your website be in the FIRST page of Google Search, what we need from you are ONLY:

  • Your website’s URL. and;
  • Targeted keywords that you think are very powerful for your website.

That’s all !!

Yes, THAT’S ALL. We will not touch or make any changes to your site. So, you don’t have to worry about your website’s privacy.

2. After we got all that (your URL & Targeted Keywords), it’s time for us to run our responsibility. We will use our own SPECIAL methods to improve your site position and the most important thing is to make it jump up to the FIRST PAGE or even better on the FIRST POSITION too!

3. In the end of each month, we will submit you a report of your website that consist of the followings:

  • Current position of your site in Google Search.
  • Previous position of your site in Google Search.
  • The improvement rate of your site (including Statistic).

How long can see the Result?

All of the result can be seen depending on what industry you are in and how intelligent was your website. Roughly, an improvement can be seen in:

  • For keyword with 3 words: FEW WEEKS to TWO (2) Months.
  • For keyword with 4 words and above (up to 18 words): ONE WEEK to ONE (1) Month.

Do you want to rank your website at the TOP in Google? Tell us which one you prefer and we will make it for you. Sign up with us today!