The Best Result

The Best Result

The Best Alexa Ranking and Google Search Result

Hi.. Lee here from The TOLE. I was recently asked to be a testimonial for a website for using their SEO. Since we are their 1st customer, we get to have a free trial for 1 month. After 3 days trial; to my surprise, it has greatly exceed my expectations.

We have created this website 1 year ago. Before we start, we used to gauge the current standing of our website ie. Please see the below screenshot. This screenshot was taken on the 16th October 2019 and our website’s ranking at that time is 2.674 million and it is on a downward trend.

On the 19th October 2019, I received a call from whether I have checked our website ranking or not. Truthfully, I totally forgot about this free trial. As usual, I used as a benchmark the before and after. The results made me startled. Guess what, after 3 days into the free trial, our rankings has improved from 2.674 mil to 2.375 mil.

In addition, our website is also on the Malaysia ranking website at 12,298. The results just blew me off. I will definitely brag about this achievement.
Please see the screenshot below.

Our marketing team is just so glad that we have found They are the undoubtedly Malaysia’s Best SEO company around.